Friday, February 23, 2007

Focus Questions for Site Visits

Lists of focus questions to keep things in context ...

"When we coach clients to prepare for site visits, we suggest they put together a list of focus questions, the questions they’ll keep top-of-mind as they observe people’s context. In Putting Context into Context, I talk about how you can break down context into eight categories: Goals, Process, Inputs & Outputs, Experience, Constraints, Physical Environment, Tools, and Relationships.

The following is a list of sample questions we created for a project exploring new development tools:


• What is the user trying to accomplish?
• How will the user know when they are done? What will be different?
• How does the user describe their goals?
• How do the user’s actions fit into the objectives of the organization?
• Who established the goals for the user? Were they self anointed or were they assigned by someone else?
• Are the user’s immediate goals part of a larger scope? (For example, the new point-of-sale application is one piece of delivering an entire new line of business.)


• What are the steps the user will follow?
• Who defined the steps?
• How prepared is the user for each step? (Do they have it all laid out or does it seem to be ad-hoc?)
• How does information flow from one step to the next?
• What are the various roles (such as creator, contributor, editor, or approver) that are involved?
• How long does the process take?
• What artifacts (such as design documents, emails, or whiteboard drawings) are used?
• How do the various team members communicate with each other?
• What other tools are used during the process?"    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]


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