Friday, February 23, 2007

Forcing Choices on Users

Loosing viewers due to bad choices ...

"We have to be careful when we define users’ choices, as it is possible they’ll stumble when none of the available choices fit their situation.

I recently stumbled across this oldie-but-goodie post by Jon Udell:

Here’s what stopped me from writing an endorsement for somebody on LinkedIn today: the requirement to define our relationship as one of these choices: (below)

Choose… You managed R. directly You were senior to R., but did not manage directly You reported directly to R. R. was senior to you, but you did not report directly You worked with R. in the same group You worked with R. in different groups You worked with R. but were at different companies You were a client of R.’s R. was a client of yours
The sum of my relationship with “R.” is: 1) he wrote some cool software that I tried and wrote about, and 2) we had an exchange, more recently, in the comments area of a website. And guess what? When I google for “R.’s” last name and mine, the first two hits correspond exactly to those two points. If there were a freeform input box, I’d have simply entered the query."    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]

Bad Choices - Usability, User Interface Design

Bad Choices


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