Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I dig the sites - pity about their usabilit

Old vs. new news presentation of the news ...

"Newspapers are worried stiff that their future may be extinguished by the migration of news and advertising to the web and the rise of user-generated content usurping the hallowed tradition of in-house journalism. The proprietor of the New York Times has just admitted that he didn't know whether there would still be a printed version of the paper in five years' time.

Being in a business doesn't make it easy to see what is happening - witness the music industry's forlorn attempts to impose digital rights on the new era of downloads. No one making slide rules ever got into calculators; they just watched their industry erode. Most newspapers now have online versions and are adding interactive functions such as blogs and videos. Innovation is mainly coming from local papers (better able to harness user generated content) and by a new wave of web-only news sites that have replaced news editors and subeditors with the readers themselves, who vote to move stories up to the top of the page or consign them to oblivion.

You can try some of the leading ones such as Digg, NewsVine, Tailrank, NowPublic, Reddit and Technorati. NowPublic has no reporters but claims over 50,000 "mojos" or mobile journalists equipped with smart phones (whose location is therefore known to them) who send photos, video and text from news events all over the world before conventional reporters can get there. NewsVine, NowPublic and others let you write your own stories including headlines and be voted up or down the league table. NewsTrust takes participation further by ranking news on standards of quality such as "fairness, balance and factual evidence"."    (Continued via Guardian Unlimited)    [Usability Resources]


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