Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Death of the Desktop

An overview of several talks at SxSW by LukeW. Death of the Desktop is one example ...

"Aza Raskin discussed and demoed reasons behind the Death of the Desktop at South by Southwest 2007. In particular he focused on why the application model was broken and how zooming interfaces and the Web could move us forward.

• Certain fundamental truths about how people work are called cognetics. We need to design interfaces that work according to cognetics (the ergonomics of the brain). Example: can’t hold more than 7+- 2 things in short term memory
• Designers need to learn what it is that users are capable of.
• GOMs modeling: How fast an interface is. Lets you take an interface and determine how long it will take a user to use an it.
• Information efficiency: how much information do you need to put into a system vs. how much is actually needed.
• An Interface is the way you accomplish tasks with a product and how it responds. To the user, the interface is the product.
• We spend a lot of time fiddling with our computers. Instead we should be getting things done.
• Litmus test for a good interface: how long is the manual? When you set out to design an interface, write the manual first.
• The Problem lies with Applications. They have been with us for so long that we don’t think about why they are bad.
• Get a lot of system bloat because all applications try to subsume all features (photo editing, document editing, etc.) Each application has a dictionary.
• What does an interface allow you to do: Create content, Navigate content, Select content, Transform content
• When designing always return to these four things. Think of an interface in these four blocks."    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]


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