Monday, March 19, 2007

Designers Are The Enemy of Design

A response to the BusinessWeek article abobe ...

Bruce Nussbaum of BusinessWeek has written what I consider to be a near-manifesto which challenges our assumptions of what design is, who designers are—and how this all impacts the business world as we move into the next generation (and yes, it's relevant to brands). The piece is a bold form of communication, and I think comes from the heart. Bruce shares a bit of personal experience in how he is trying to shape his own teams and working process. He's also a little "politically incorrect" calling out Al Gore for his own hefty carbon footprint. And Bruce uses Mink fur coats to illustrate the idea of sustainability—a risky analogy, but when you read it in context, makes perfect sense. Personally for me—this is one of the more refreshing reads I've seen from a mainstream business journalist in a while. He almost sounds like a "blogger". You got a problem with that? :)

Check out the post and do so with an open mind. Let it simmer a bit. Then think about it as you start your day on Monday morning. Below are some choice bits—I added some of my own visuals where it seemed like there was a fit. Enjoy.

"Are Designers The Enemy of Design?

In the name of provocation, let me start by saying that DESIGNERS SUCK. I’m sorry. It’s true. DESIGNERS SUCK. There’s a big backlash against design going on today and it’s because designers suck.

So let me tell you why. Designers suck because they are arrogant. The blogs and websites are full of designers shouting how awful it is that now, thanks to Macs, Web 2.0, even YouTube, EVERYONE is a designer. Core 77 recently ran an article on this backlash and so did we on our Innovation & Design site. Designers are saying that Design is everywhere, done by everyone. So Design is debased, eroded, insulted. The subtext, of course, is that Real design can only be done by great star designers."

"This is simply not true. Design Democracy is the wave of the future."    (Continued via Logic+Emotion)    [Usability Resources]

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