Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Evaluating organizations by their customer experiences

Making it easy on your customers ...

"You can tell a lot about an organization by looking at its customer experience. Digital user interfaces like websites and kiosks are especially telling, because they combine many aspects of the company - marketing, technology, branding, and the service value itself - into a small area of on-screen real estate. Customer-centered home pages tend to be made by the most customer-centered organizations.

For example, consider the major elements of the check-in kiosks of the two airlines I flew last week. These are the first screens, or "home pages," of the touchscreens.

Here's JetBlue... "Touch screen to begin.", "hi there", "start".

JetBlue Check-in - Usability, User Interface Design

JetBlue Check-in

...and here's American: "Self-Service Check-In", "Check-in now available for domestic and INTERNATIONAL flights.", "Check-In Without Bags (carry-on only)", "Lost Boarding Pass? Reprint Boarding Pass(es)"."    (Continued via Good Experience)    [Usability Resources]

American Check-in - Usability, User Interface Design

American Check-in


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