Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Matching Page Real Estate to Likelihood-Of-Need

Getting the most needed information up front...

"Sometimes, we forget what the probabilities tell us about design. We design pages where the things users need most get the least amount of real estate.

.. When we look at the page, we see that those more important links are only 13% of the real estate:

... I like to think in terms of probabilities. What are the chances someone who ends up on this page wants one of these manuals? Greater than one in seven? Most likely. I’d say that it’s probably in the 80% case.

Yet, most of the page is occupied by things the user has already told us they are not interested in: Accessories, Networks, Video Adapters, Digital Music Players.

Let’s say the designers decided to make 80% of the page contain the gallery for the manuals, instead of the current 13%. What would they put in the extra space?

First, I’d recommend they put in any information that may help a user decide which Workgroup Laser Printer they might want, such as pictures and other identifying information. The current design presumes the user knows the exact model number. Maybe they know they have a Dell Color Laser Printer 3010cn, or was it a Dell Color Laser Printer 3110cn, or, maybe, the Dell Laser Multi-Function Printer 3015cn? Any info helping users choose the right printer is going to be beneficial."    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]

Dell Real Estate - Usability, User Interface Design

Dell Real Estate


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