Friday, March 16, 2007

Microsoft Buys TellMe, Voice-Activated Mobile Search Provider

UX the reason Microsoft bought TellMe ...

"Microsoft finalized a deal Wednesday to purchase TellMe, a directory assistance provider and voice-activated mobile search firm, giving Redmond a possible edge in the race to develop a better mobile search tool.

Greg Sterling, principal of Sterling Marketing Intelligence, said that despite the manual dexterity mobile search users are developing, using a tiny keyboard still offers a sub-par user experience.

"There's still usability problems that are pretty significant," he said. "Keying in search queries is awkward. This is really about improving usability, and driving consumer adoption."

... "It's about creating a better mobile search user experience, and then hopefully gaining loyalty, but I don't know that'll necessarily translate to the desktop. It'll depend on how much better it is and how much integration there is on the desktop," he said. "It would certainly boost Microsoft's fortunes if they had runaway success in mobile with this."    (Continued via Online Media Daily)    [Usability Resources]


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