Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mobil users frustrated with complexity, usability

New report shows usability problems with mobile devices ...

"The initial findings of a new report, "The Global Mobile Mindset Audit," from the CMO Council shows that North American and Western European mobile device users are very concerned about irritations and frustrations at the point of sale while also being worried about device loss and theft, as well as mobile data protection.

Funded by the CMO Council's FAME (Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience) Group and sponsored by Palm, the survey of 15,000 mobile consumers in 37 countries was conducted by GMI. With an estimated 1 billion cell phones being shipped in 2006 (according to IDC data) and an estimated 2.5 billion cell phones in use worldwide right now, the subject matter coming from the study is of importance to the industry and the mobile user community around the world, said Dave Murray, director of the CMO Council's FAME Group.

"There is significant frustration around the world around complexity and usability in mobile technology," Murray said.

Overall, the number one problem end-users have is what the study dubbed "function fatigue." Handsets tend to have too many features that consumers either don't use or don't know how to use, which is a problem that has been exacerbated at the point of sale, Murray said. The report found that consumers are frustrated by the lack of product demonstrations and hands-on use of devices at the point of sale, but they're also irritated by a lack of knowledgeable sales staff and slow service, he said.

"I think the key finding is they're leaving the store with very little understanding in how to use the technology, which is adding to this frustration of having too many features," Murray said.

The irony is the vast amount of purchases are being made directly from the carriers or through retail outlets owned by the carriers, which is exactly where you'd expect to find a high level of knowledge and expertise, Murray said."    (Continued via eChannelLine)    [Usability Resources]


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