Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NEC's "Latticekey" concept keypad for mobiles

A new interface concept for mobil devices ...

"NEC was showing off some conceptual stuff at CeBIT this year and when we caught sight of what looked like a mobile phone, we hustled over to get a look. Upon closer inspection what they were actually demonstrating was an keypad interface for a mobile phone. Labelled the "Latticekey Interface," the idea is fairly straightforward: none of the keys on the handset have labels of any type, but once you place you fingers on them, the screen will help guide you to use them for whatever task is at hand. This is actually a pretty slick concept, but sadly it was only that – no hands-on here, folks. We included a pic of the text in the display, as NEC worded it in such a dreamy, Utopian voice."    (Continued via Engadget)    [Usability Resources]

NEC Concept Phone - Usability, User Interface Design

NEC Concept Phone


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