Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nokia attempts to patent rotating numeric pad

Getting clever with small devices ...

"Nokia has filed for a US patent for a mobile phone with a rotating numeric keyboard. No, we don't mean an old-style dial lookalike, but a numeric pad that can turn round to retain the correct orientation when the handset it flipped into landscape mode.

The application details what looks like a standard candybar handset. The clever bit comes when you rotate it through 90°: the screen slides up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. We've seen this sort of thing before, but the novel component is the really clever bit: the numeric pad also rotates so that it's now in the same orientation as the QWERTY layout. Thus:"    (Continued via Reg Hardware)    [Usability Resources]

Nokia Keypad - Usability, User Interface Design

Nokia Keypad


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