Thursday, March 22, 2007

The semantic web comes to cars

Peer-to-peer communications from your car ...

"In-car navigation systems exist for some time now. But BBC News reports that a new German project, dubbed SmartWeb, will use the semantic web and peer-to-peer networks to interact with drivers. This system, which is currently in its development phase, will use speech recognition and human gestures as interfaces. And it will warn drivers about jams and dangers. For example, a car detecting slippery conditions will pass the information wirelessly to all the vehicles following it. The drivers will be informed via their dashboard screen or a GPS-equipped mobile device. But the SmartWeb will also transmit other kinds of information to drivers, such as parking availability or speed traps.

Before going further, below is a picture showing how a motorbike driver would be informed of a danger ahead by a car in front of him (Credit: Wolfgang Wahlster). This picture has been picked on page 31 of a presentation given by Wahlster at the "50 Years Artificial Intelligence Symposium" held in Bremen, Germany, in July 2006, "Three Decades of Human Language Technology in Germany" (PDF format, 36 pages, 1.72 MB). You also should take a look at page 28 for a picture describing a dashboard interface telling a driver where the next speed traps are."    (Continued via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends)    [Usability Resources]

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