Monday, March 12, 2007

Six techniques for advocating design in your organization

Selling design to your company ...

"Are you trying to incorporate a new design process into your organisation and facing challenges? Paul Sherman in this article talked about how User Experience Practitioners are natural "change agents". We could not agree with him more.

This article discusses some techniques to help overcome challenges incorporating design into your product development process.

Changing a company’s product development process is not something we can do alone. The key to our success is in effectively collaborating with people from different perspectives: marketing, sales, development and other business entities in our companies. It can be demoralizing when the speed at which our processes are adapted by our organizations is not what we expect. Many of us shared this frustration at User Friendly 2006 in Hangzhou.

We suggest using these six techniques to help you become more strategic in gaining acceptance to your design process.

1. Discover opportunities through building relationships

Your ethnographic research skills can help you find ways to relate to your collaborators. Have conversations with peers and teams leads that you collaborate with about their struggles towards their product creation process. Talk to your stakeholders about what is not working in their product development process.

Actively listen to them to help understand:

• What are their goals for the company, their teams and the product?
• What communication breakdowns do they experience?
• What concerns do they have?
• What is the biggest issue the organization has with its product development process?
• Do peers, leads and stakeholders have the same goals or do they conflict?
• How do they interact with each other?
• In what ways can a better design process help them fix their problems?"    (Continued via Apogee    [Usability Resources]


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