Friday, March 30, 2007

ZenZui and the Art of Mobile Web Surfing

An interesting new UI ...

"In the battle to create a better mobile Internet experience, a small start-up company and offspring of Microsoft Corp., is taking a game-like approach to browsing the Web on a cellphone. The Wall Street Journal reports.

"Split off from Microsoft's research labs, the new venture, ZenZui today will announce plans for a downloadable application that allows users to browse through mobile content such as sports scores, recipes and movie times, navigating through icons with their handset keys. After a trial phase, it will be available for the majority of the U.S. cellphone market by the end of the year."

Picture left is a a view of the ZenZui interface, which allows users to zoom in on Web content from their cellphones.

"Seattle-based ZenZui thinks it has a user-friendly approach. Its design allows users to zoom in and out of different clusters of icons, and even swap new icons in and out of the application through a Web site or their mobile phone.

In its current test phase, users will be limited to using 16 icons, sponsored and created by a handful of companies, including travel search site and, a real-time traffic service.

Eventually, ZenZui will publish the tools to allow any brand to create an icon, and the company expects to offer about 1,000 icons by year end."    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]

ZenZui - Usability, User Interface Design



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