Thursday, April 26, 2007

Appealing to the Buyer Head and the User Head

How UX influences purchases ...

"Lately, I’ve been getting really interested in the underlying psychology that drives people to buy. Are people interested in impressing others? Following a fad? Keeping their life simple? Obsessing over gadgets? Satisfying a need?

Jeff Patton has a really cool article outlining what he thinks are the two aspects of human behavior that surface when encountering new products, which he calls the buyer head and the user head.

The buyer head looks at the product objectively, considering how its features will help to achieve specific goals, address certain needs, and rectify various problems.

The user head looks at how effective the product actually is in achieving those specific goals, addressing those certain needs, and rectifying those various problems. The user head also evaluates ease of use and the emotional response the product generates.

Sometimes the buyer head and the user head agree on a purchase decision. The customer is satisfied with the value, features, and experience that the product provides. But other times, the buyer head and the user head end up in conflict, especially when the product does not provide a pleasant experience, even though it provided the best value.

By learning how to appeal to these two sides of potential buyers, design teams can create products that have great value in terms of money, time and goal achievement, are easy to use, and provide a delightful experience. While these aren’t the only two “heads” to consider, designing for the buyer and the user in all of us may prove to be an effective way to drive sales and create satisfied customers. I think you’ll find Jeff’s article extremely valuable."    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]

User Head and Buyer Head - Usability, User Interface Design

User Head and Buyer Head


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