Monday, April 30, 2007

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015

Web Pages That Suck presents the biggest Web design mistakes ...

"Next to e-mail, your web site is one of the most important marketing tools you have. Too many people are using their web sites in the wrong way and are hurting themselves.

I’ve gathered what I think are the biggest web design mistakes committed during the period 1995 to 2015. Yes it is a little facetious to say these mistakes will be made in the year 2015, but it’s human nature to repeat your mistakes over and over. But it’s human nature to repeat your mistakes over and over.

I've rewritten parts of the article and put in some videos of sites that have changed. I have the proof of how bad they used to be.

Some mistakes I’ll discuss aren’t actually design mistakes in the classical sense — ugly graphics, bad navigation, etc. — but serious big picture problems like our Number One Mistake:

1. Believing people care about you and your web site.

2. A man from Mars can’t figure out what your web site is about in less than four seconds.

3. Mystical belief in the power of Web Standards, Usability, and tableless CSS.

4. Using design elements that get in the way of your visitors.

5. Navigational failure."    (Continued via Web Pages That Suck)    [Usability Resources]

Getting In Way of Visitors - Usability, User Interface Design

Getting In Way of Visitors


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