Friday, April 06, 2007

Dynamic User Interface for Mobile browsers

A faster way to brows ...

"Here's an interesting idea (with actual working code behind it) for improving the Mobile browsing experience.

First let me set the context…

You have a Smartphone with NO touch screen or pointing stick. All you have is a thumb wheel and a left and right phone navigation button. You surf to your favorite web site and watch as the page loads - now how do you click on those hyperlinks in the page? (try doing it with nothing more than a thumb wheel)

Here's how - as the page loads have the browser read it and then dynamically add those hyperlinks to the browser menu. Now all the consumer has to do is hit the right or left phone navigation button and then use his thumb wheel to do the navigation to his/her favorite link.

Remember it's all about getting to relevant content in zero clicks. What you've just enabled with a dynamic User Interface is the ability to do that.

The simplicity of this idea extends to every web page that the consumer navigates to. In fact it can not only add the hyperlinks, new menu options can show up on different pages."    (Continued via Peter's Thoughts)    [Usability Resources]


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