Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easier Learning: interaction design patterns for classrooms

Applying HCI to the classroom ...

"Have you ever wondered (or meditated during long long classes) why the typical classroom or university study setting can be so incredibly dull that you just won’t get stuff into your head? Welcome now Berlin-based Henning Breuer that specializes in interaction design patterns: his current research is about what kind of tools and interfaces we need to engage best in learning environments today. After four months of research at the Waseda University in Tokyo, PingMag grabbed him for a talk about his interaction works (like new software for interactive tactile whiteboards he was developing…)

Henning, you deal with interaction design patterns for learning environments. You don’t only research at your own company Bovacon, you also part of the Interaction Design Lab at Potsdam University and for the last four months you enhanced your research at Waseda University in Tokyo. Can you quickly sum up what you do?

My work is basically about human-computer interaction, meaning the design, the implementation and the evaluation of interactive systems for human usability and analyzing the contexts of these usages. It is a mix of computer science, psychology and design, concerning everything connected with interactive interfaces, from recording devices to mobile phones and computers.

And the practical approach of your work would be…?

…about the design of technology from the user’s perspective. Interfaces should be useful and usable, helping instead of hindering people in what they want to do. With computerized systems this tends to get difficult, so my task is to design the things in a useful way according to cognitive and cultural psychology. This may include a shift from a purely task-oriented towards an emotional design and user experience.

“Interaction design and information architecture sound like esoteric, highly technical areas, but these disciplines aren’t really about technology at all. They’re about understanding people, the way they work, and the way they think. By building this understanding into the structure of our product, we help ensure a successful experience for those who have to use it…”From Jesse James Garrett: The Elements of User Experience."    (Continued via PingMag)    [Usability Resources]

Classroom Interaction Architecture - Usability, User Interface Design

Classroom Interaction Architecture


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