Friday, April 06, 2007

Major new BlackBerry Patent app: Auto-capitalization, Auto-punctuation, many more usability features

Several interesting UI innovations for the Blackberry. Read the whole article to see the detail ...

"As BlackBerry patent applications go, this is a big one. And you are getting it here, first.

So big that only a few hints about what's enabled here are contained in the Patent Abstract for an application published just this morning and entitled, "HAND-HELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE." And the all-caps were put there by BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion.

You are looking at the Abstract at the top of this post. For those who want Abstract text straight up, cut-and-pastable and all that, the Abstract describes:

A hand-held electronic device with a keyboard, thumbwheel, display and associated software is optimized for use of the device with the thumbs. The associated software has a plurality of features to optimize efficient use of the limited keyboard space and encourage the use of the device by thumb-based data entry through the thumbwheel and/or through a combination of minimal number of keystrokes.

Software features include international character scrolling, and auto-capitalization. The keys on the device keyboard are optimally shaped and configured for thumb-based input. In addition, the thumbwheel is inclined between the front and a side edge of the device so as to be reachable by either the thumb or index finger of the user's hand at the side edge of the device.

Oh, but that's just the start. In the absence of Patent application art that vividly illusrates the BlackBerry functionalities indicated therein, come along for some rather detailed Patent application text about what I think you might be most interested in.

You've made the jump. Now get ready for some deets on what it does. (In an effort to be clear, I am removing numbered references to images I haven't imported from the Patent application, breaking up overly long paragraphs, and then bold-facing the terms I think are most important)."    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]


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