Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Techsmith's Morae 2.0 ups the ante for Usability Testing Software

Morae usability testing software upgraded ...

"If you ever carry out web or software usability tests then you'll have come across Techsmith's Morae software. Techsmith has just released a major upgrade to the software, now at version 2.0. As we were just about to run a usability test for a client, we did something we'd never normally advise - we installed the new version of Morae on top of the old one the night before the test. Installation was a breeze and there were no hiccups during our test, allowing us to focus on what's new in Morae. So is it worth taking the plunge if you haven't yet invested in this software?

Morae has three separate software components. The first, ‘Recorder’, runs on the participant's computer and does the donkeywork of recording mouse clicks, keyboard presses, screen video and webcam video. The second used to be called ‘Remote Viewer’ but has now been christened ‘Observer’, and allows observers to monitor the test from another room or indeed another country (so long as you are on the same network as the recording computer) and log data. The final component, ‘Manager’, allows you to analyse the data and put together highlights videos.

As well as sporting a colourful new interface with snazzy icons, each of these components has undergone a major feature overhaul.

The most noticeable change to ‘Recorder’ is that it now allows you to present an end-of-test survey to the participant. Built in to the software is John Brooke's 'SUS' questionnaire. Brooke’s original paper described this as ‘a quick and dirty usability scale’ and unfortunately Techsmith appear to have followed this description in their implementation. The survey looks like one of those HTML emails that doesn't quite render properly in your mail reader. The radio buttons are small and close together and begging to be wrongly selected. If you don't like 'SUS', Morae allows you to create your own survey but we would have liked to be able to customise the look and feel of the survey as well. Much more useful is the extra data logging features built into ‘Recorder’, for example, you can now assign a success score for each task and a severity rating for each issue logged."    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]

Morae Example - Usability, User Interface Design

Morae Example


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