Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why MySpace is Good for Design

Poor aesthetics, great popularity ...

"You’ve got to hand it to MySpace. The designers there have done the impossible: they’ve created a site that tramples on the aesthetic sensibilities of nearly everyone while continuing to grow and be successful.

Today’s homepage, a page cluttered with ads for the new movie Red Line, is just another in a long line of disorienting, disquieting, overly-saturated designs that makes you wonder: “Why? Why on earth would MySpace create a billboard for Satan?”

It’s no wonder that every time we get talking about MySpace some very passionate conversation ensues. It is almost impossible to see through the visual clutter of the site to reveal the value that people are actually getting out of it.

Bad Design, Great Conversation
That’s why I think MySpace a great thing for design. Not because the homepage makes one’s head hurt, but because it so obscures the value that its members are getting that it always leads to passionate conversations. It gets graphic designers riled up, interaction designers in a tizzy, and product leads simply shaking their head."    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]

MySpace Homepage - Usability, User Interface Design

MySpace Homepage


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