Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The 3 Steps for Creating an Experience Vision

Coming up with an experience vision ...

"The team was happy to be together. Forty-six folks from eight different offices, traveling from all over the world, had come together for their annual meeting.

They were excited to be there. It was good to see faces of people who were often just an email address or voice on a conference call. It was nice to reflect on all the great things they’d accomplished.

Over the past 3 years, the team worked diligently on server reliability, eliminating dead links, and consistent navigation and branding across all 200 of the sub-sites. They’d installed a new enterprise-wide content management system, a better process for editorial work, and new application tools to help their franchise owners sell more high-margin products. By all measures, the web site had become a critical element in their multi-national business.

Yet, there was still an unsettled tone amongst the group. Given all the progress they’d made, they felt they still had a long way to go. They weren’t sure what the next step was.

Overcoming Lip Service to Users
"Users are our first priority," is the executive team’s battle cry. Yet, when the priorities came down from above, they seem to focus on business unit needs and technology solutions. Somewhere, in all those priorities, the first priority got lost.

It wasn’t that the team wanted to ignore the users. It’s just the demands of the business units they served and the constraints from IT made serving the users take a back seat. In the day-to-day hustle-and-bustle, the long-term perspective gets lost.

When the long-term perspective vanishes, it becomes difficult to feel like you’ve made any significant progress. Sure, you’ll have checked many items off the ever-growing to-do list, but have you really improved how the business serves its customers?

To solve this, many teams are turning to an old tool: creating an experience vision."    (Continued via UIE)    [Usability Resources]


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