Friday, May 25, 2007

Abundance and UX

Looking at UX through an abundance lens ...

"I spent some time this weekend listening and thinking about Chris Anderson’s talk from PopTech! . Chris is looking to move beyond the Long Tail and is focusing on the notion of what happens when you look at the world through a lens of abundance rather than the classic Adam Smith economic model of scarcity.

He explains that Alan Kay creates the GUI because he imagines a world where computing power is abundant rather than scarce. In a world where computing power is viewed as scarce you don’t create things like icons, because it requires too much of the processor’s scarce resources.

I propose that the best user experiences sit on top of an infrastructure layer of abundance. This generation of growth in the digital channel is directly attributable to abundance. Abundance means things get cheap because they are plentiful. Cheap servers, cheap software, cheap bandwidth all set the stage for great UX."    (Continued via UX Magazine)    [Usability Resources]


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