Saturday, May 05, 2007

BayCHI Monthly Program

Tuesday, May 8, 2007:

A MeshWalk Down the Street—Connections, Communications, and networked economics
Shannon Clark, co-founder of, founder/organizer of MeshForum

Using illustrations and content from the recent Mobile MeshWalk event in San Francisco, Shannon Clark will discuss his networked economics theory and how it is shaping his current startup (Never Eat Lunch Alone), as well as other projects such as the Meshwalks. What is a MeshWalk? The short answer—a conference that is held in motion, outside, documented and captured digitally.

8 Ways to Mobilize Your Web Product
Jonathan Grubb, co-founder and design director Rubyred Labs; co-founder of Satisfaction Unlimited

Jonathan will discuss "8 Ways to Mobilize Your Web Product," based on his experience having designed mobile applications for Vodafone, Yahoo!, and various consulting clients. His experience has given him a chance to distill the early frustrations, and eventual product launches, into a set of eight aphorisms for guiding developers of mobile products.

Jonathan Grubb is an artist and designer living in San Francisco. His art is mainly inverted stuffed animals. He co-founded Rubyred Labs, which recently spun off Satisfaction Unlimited. He was also involved in starting a joke-turned-real company called Valleyschwag."    (Continued via BayCHI)    [Usability Resources]

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Blogger Shannon said...

Please correct this - I am not a woman - I'm male. So it should be "his" not "her" - don't worry, happens so frequently I've blogged about it (see

so no offense taken, but I do prefer to correct such posts when I see them.

And I hope you will be there for our talks.


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Blogger Usernomics said...

Sorry for the error. It has been corrected.

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