Thursday, May 24, 2007

Designing Full Experiences: Design Maps

Developing personas with Design Maps ...

"Tucked away in Tamara Adlin's and John Pruitt's book The Persona Lifecyle is a gem of a process for brainstorming about and mapping out great experiences. The process is called "Design Mapping" and builds some neat ideas from general brainstorming technique, process flow, affinity mapping, and other techniques. Parts of the process are a bit similar to Patty Seybold's Customer Scenario Map process, but Design Maps are a little looser and more organic and don't really need training if you're working with an experienced and clever team.

Here's how it works, from Holly Jamesen Carr's chapter of the book. In this simple example, Holly takes a known process (making a pot of coffee) and annotates the Steps (blue) with Comments (green), Questions (yellow), and Ideas (pink): (below)

We used this technique to design many of the concepts in our My Sun Connection portal. In our case, since we didn't have an existing process to map, we dived in with a "desired state" flow and we slightly modified the stickies categories: Task (blue), Observation (green), Question (yellow), Issue/Note (pink)."    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]

Design Map - Usability, User Interface Design

Design Map


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