Thursday, May 31, 2007

Issues on the surface of Surface

Questions for Microsofts new Surface interface ...

"Microsoft Surface has been unveiled, and while it’s quite eye-catching and innovative on the surface, it also is going to require some serious thought in a few areas:

• Security: How do you protect files that pop open magically by placing a device on the tabletop? Those photos you didn’t want to show your boss, for example?

• Fingerprints: I know, I know. This is a problem with all touch screens, but there’s not exactly a good spot to storea cloth so you can clean the thing.

• Spills and other messes: Used in a restaurant, you’ll see rings from perspiring glasses, spills from food and drinks, trash (straw wrappers and the like), and all sorts of other messes. People put things on tables. It’s a fact. And unless the touch-screen is only a small part of a much larger table, you can expect your Veal Parmagiana to interfere with sharing photos.

• Aesthetics: How many household rooms are designed in such a way that one of these babies will automatically fit in with the decor? I hope it comes in different colors, and I hope someone launches a line of accessories for stylizing the machine.

• Value: This tabletop isn’t designed for getting real work done (can you imagine sitting there for a long period of time to work on a design or write some code?), so at most, Surface will be used primarily for quick meetings in offices, sharing photos and such with friends at home, and other less-than-essential things. It has marginal value for the buck (this thing has got to be expensive).

• Scratches: Alongside the inevitable cleaning nightmare, these tabletops are surely to get scratched up, and that will surely make for a less attractive tabletop, prominently displayed in the center of your living room. It’ll make good and bad first impressions, simultaneously.

I’m sure there are more, but these are the issues off the top of my head. You know, the surface."    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]

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