Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Josh and Jared Show Episode #2

Interesting discussion about experience design (audio) ...

"Welcome to the second episode of the Josh and Jared Show, where Joshua Porter and I get together and discuss the interesting happenings in the world of experience design.

This episode touched upon:

» The design of MySpace and big reactions we hear

» The effect of life stages on design, judging value for different age groups

» Virb: “a beautiful MySpace” or “MySpace done tastefully?” Will it catch on?

» The communal feeling of Flickr and Twitter

» Social Design field research: What kind of social interaction is already happening?

» Starting from scratch vs. mining things like tags for pre-existing useful content"    (Continued via UIE Brain Sparks)    [Usability Resources]

Josh and Jared Show- Usability, User Interface Design

Josh and Jared Show


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