Sunday, May 06, 2007

MIX07: The Emotion of Customer Experience

Connecting with your customer ...

"Clued In author Lou Carbone’s The Emotion of Customer Experience talk at MIX07 outlined how companies can create on-going emotional connections with their customers by managing experience “clues” that grow loyalty and value. Check out the full session video on the MIX07 site or my condensed notes below:

Engineering Customer Experiences

• Move from “making and selling” to “sensing and responding”. Focus on creating value for your customers not extracting value. The purpose of an organization is to create value for customers and their reward is profit. Most organizations are focused solely on extracting profit from their customers.

• Understand and leverage the role of the customer back (emotional/rational bond). Rather then organization out, go from customer back in. Learn to walk in your customer’s minds. Critical to understanding how people feel is how they think.

• Clue consciousness. Clues that link with people to create emotional connections. The unconsciousness mind has thoughts and feelings about things -its impossible not to. Customers consciously and subconsciously take in clues and generate an understanding of an experience whether rational or emotional.

• Rigorous systems to develop and manage clues. Most companies spend their time learning how people feel about their brand instead of how their customers feel about themselves. You cannot NOT have an experience. The question is how well architected or designed is it? Does it have a set of random clues? Or do the clues create an emotional connection.

• Most companies still using old processes and not able to adjust to new experience rules. Everything we learn in school is rooted in industrial age. That age is over. The new order is about sensing and responding. Know even before your customers know what they want."    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]


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