Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mobile Internet Usage Would Rise if Usability was Improved

Improving the usability of surfing with handheld devices ...

"InfoGin has published the results of an extensive trial held across five UK universities which reveals positive responses to mobile Web surfing soaring by over 120 percent when it's software was deployed.

Moreover, 69 percent of respondents agreed that if InfoGin's technology was implemented by their operator, they would surf the Web on their mobiles more often and consider their phone complimentary to their regular PC surfing habits. At the same time, 71 per cent of all users involved in the trial said they would be willing to pay an additional fee for access to a service like InfoGin's that improved the mobile internet surfing experience.

Prior to the trial, two in three students found surfing the Internet on their mobile such a poor experience that they gave up trying. During the trial period, a thousand students from five UK universities accessed the mobile Internet through InfoGins Intelligent Mobile Platform. Users picked three random web sites and accessed them once using InfoGin's platform and again without using it. As a result, 69 per cent commented that the experience was "useable or enjoyable" when accessed through InfoGin.

Prior to the trial, only 18 percent of users found mobile Internet services to be satisfactory. 83 percent of all trial respondents agreed that as the Web offers more social networking and online community activities, it is becoming more and more important to access the Web while being on the move."    (Continued via Cellular News)    [Usability Resources]


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