Sunday, May 27, 2007

New book aims to demystify UI design

User interface design made easy ...

"A new book from Addison Wesley offers to demystify the design of effective user interfaces. In User Interface Design for Mere Mortals, author Eric Butow suggests that successful UIs are enjoyable to interact with, but also save time, eliminate frustration, and minimize user effort.

Butow provides nine chapters and two appendices to help spoil the fun, at least for some, in designing user interfaces that at best give only a clue about what you can or should do. The author claims that anyone who reads his book will gain "an appreciation of the differences in the 'look and feel' of interfaces for a variety of systems and platforms" and learn "how to go about designing and creating the most appropriate interface for the application or website being developed."

The book is organized in nine chapters:
Brief Histories

• Concepts and Issues
• Making the Business Case
• Good Design
• How User Behave
• Analyzing Your Users
• Designing a User Interface
• Designing a Web Site
• Usability"    (Continued via Linux Devices)    [Usability Resources]

Human Factors Methods for Design: Making Systems Human-Centered

Recommended Book

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