Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Turning the Monitor, the Smart Way!

The usability of turning your monitor 90 degrees ...

"My monitor, as most modern TFTs, has a mechanism to turn it 90°, which can be quite practical for viewing pdf articles, or images that are larger in vertical size.

Now, turning the monitor is not enough - I also need to use a control by nvidia/microsoft to turn the GUI and everything. Either from an nvidia tray icon or starting from the display options in WinXP ("Anzeige" in german, don't know the exact name in english), I can tell the graphics card to turn 0°, 90°, 180° or 270° - or I get four pictures to choose from, or have to choose between left or right. More or less, it goes like this.

me: Now, which of the pics do I need to click?? Let's have a try - this one, please.
system: Do you really want?
me: turn monitor, click ok.
system: (font upside down) Is that ok? Please click ok within 15 seconds, otherwise I will restore the previous rotation. tick-tick-tick.
me: wind head, try to use the inverted mouse.. ok, maybe I should just wait the 15 seconds?
system: tick-tick over, old rotation restored.
me: Let's try again. turn monitor back to 0°. Which picture did I click last time?? Or was that upside down?

It's astonishing how they (nvidia/M$) fail to see a solution that appears very nice and ovbious to me. Instead, I need to guess if I need to click "turn right" or "turn left", operate dialogs with rotated text and inverted mouse, and hunt or wait for countdowns. It could all be so simple."    (Continued via User Centered)    [Usability Resources]

Turning Monitor 90 Degrees - Usability, User Interface Design

Turning Monitor 90 Degrees


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