Monday, June 04, 2007

Add a dab of colour to documents - Computing

Converting color perception into numerical codes ...

"Anyone familiar with a box of crayons can describe the colour “carnation pink”, but how many people can make that colour appear “correctly” on a document or on a computer display?

Now scientists at Xerox’s research labs in the US are developing a new technology to make adjusting colours in a document as easy as simply describing the shade.

Users can type “make the sky a deeper blue” or give a voice command “make the background carnation pink” and the software does the work.

The invention, still in the research stage, creates “colour language” by translating human descriptions of colour into the precise numerical codes that machines use to print colour documents.

“Today, especially in the office environment, there are many non-experts who know how they would like colour to appear but have no idea how to manipulate the colour to get what they want,” said Geoffrey Woolfe, principal scientist in the Xerox Innovation Group. “You shouldn’t have to be a colour expert to make the sky a deeper blue or add a bit of yellow to a sunset.”

Woolfe’s invention means that colour adjustments could be made on devices like colour office printers and commercial presses without having to deal with the complex mathematics involved when dealing with colours on computer systems."    (Continued via Indiatimes)    [Usability Resources]


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