Monday, June 11, 2007

BayCHI Monthly Program

BayCHI - Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - 7:30

"Web.Overdrive": A Day in the Life of an Enterprise User Experience Designer
Jeremy Ashley and Luke Kowalski, Oracle

Luke Kowalski and Jeremy Ashley from Oracle will discuss what happens when Web 2.0 user interfaces are adapted to the enterprise. Social networking, hosted exchanges, and individual empowerment are married with concerns about security, scalable performance, group policy and quality of information.

Enterprise user experience brings with it unique challenges such as longer design cycles and need to understand specialized domains. But users still expect the same ease of use and web 2.0ish features as in the consumer space. A person using flickr for personal photographs now wants to tag catalog content in the procurement application, or use web-based collaboration on a proposal. Jeremy and Luke Kowalski will describe a day in the life of an enterprise user experience designer. They will discuss tools that embed design patterns, UI donations and standards, and management process challenges, as well as illustrate the upcoming transition to the Web 2.0 Enterprise at Oracle.

Going from Designer to Founder
Christina Wodtke, Public Square

Sick of fighting with engineers and product managers, tired of executives driven by quarterly reports, we've all dreamed of taking that giant step and starting our own company, where design would matter, and things would be done right. Christina Wodtke dipped her toes in and discovered nothing was as it seemed. She discovered she'd make giant usability blunders, launch bad designs and feel utterly helpless... and yet love every minute of it. Come get the real skinny on owning your own company, and how one designer discovered nothing was quite what she expected."    (Continued via BayCHI)    [Usability Resources]


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