Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chinese Eye Tracking Study: Baidu Vs Google

Looking at US vs. Chinese viewing behavior ...

"I thought the easiest way to share the results of the Chinese Eye Tracking study might be in a Q&A format, as that’s what most research programs tend to be anyway. I’ll cover off some of the highlight findings in this column, but the full report will be available on our site next week.

... Q: Do Chinese searchers interact differently than North American searchers?

Yes. A lot differently, in a number of ways. Let’s look at a heat map comparison for a similar task on Google in North America and China.

Notice that there doesn’t appear to be a Golden Triangle or an F Shape scan patterns in the Chinese example. While Google China’s heatmap has the typical upper left orientation hot spot, it doesn’t have the vertical scan down that creates the “leg” of the F. And horizontal scanning is much more spread out. In North America, scan patterns have largely standardized into this F shape. Variations to the norm are minimal.

But in China, other than the upper left orientation and some predisposal to the first listing, we identified little in the way of standardized behavior. We did see (especially on Google) the tendency to scan results in groups of 4 or 5 at a time. This “consideration set” scanning was consistent with what we’ve seen in North America. But the interaction in North America is pretty predictable. A scan down the left side, looking for information scent, then, if scent is picked up, a horizontal scan on the title. In China, after the initial orientation, the eye bounces around the total area of the listing consideration set. There appear to be no consistent patterns."    (Continued via SearchEngineLand)    [Usability Resources]

Google - US vs. Chinese Versions - Usability, User Interface Design

Google - US vs. Chinese Versions


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