Friday, June 22, 2007

Customer Perspectives

Asking the user what they think ...

"When I'm visiting any consumer sites for researching, comparing and spending money on products, I'm sharing that experience with a large number of visitors. We're not actually sharing a desk or a web browser (or a cheap screen dedicated to purchasing products, located in the bathroom), but the desire to tap into the collective thoughts of customers looking for the same thing as me is overwhelming. There's hundreds of other consumers like me out there, doing what I'm doing. Maybe they've already done it and have an experience, an opinion, a story to share.

If I could just turn to them and say "what do you think?", wouldn't that be great? I might not always agree with them, or even like them, but, in general, I can make significantly better informed decisions based on that simple question. I could also tell people what I think and maybe that would be helpful to them. We might even work out that what we're looking for just isn't there, or that we want it another way. Whatever conversations we might have, my customer journey is now a community-driven affair and my perspectives are changed, or at least much broadened.

It so happens that many of us simply can't stop sharing our thoughts and opinions these days. I mean, we really can't. We get blog withdrawl and twitteritis. If I don't rate my last purchase within a couple of hours, I've lost all sense of worth. Okay, its not that bad, but the community is thriving, and so why wouldn't Sun provide a way for its customers to ask the "what do you think?" question of the thousands of other customers sharing that experience?"    (Continued via    [Usability Resources]

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