Friday, June 15, 2007

Kensington's Peripheral Challenge

Designing products from the user experience point of view ...

"Kensington Technology Group, the U.S.-based maker of computer peripherals, may seem to have little in common with Japanese video game company Nintendo (NTDOY). But I have noticed some interesting parallels. Like Nintendo, Kensington has found itself in third place, chasing two much larger competitors, one of which is Microsoft (MSFT). Like Nintendo, Kensington's resources are far exceeded by its two competitors (the other one is Logitech (LOGI)).

Like Nintendo, Kensington's competitors are locked in a battle to deliver more sophisticated technology and longer lists of features. And like Nintendo, Kensington has chosen to opt out of the technology arms race and turned to product experience as a competitive advantage.

The result is Kensington's Ci Lifestyle Collection, a new line of mice and keyboards for home and mobile users designed with extensive field research on customer experience in mind. But as Juan Ernesto Rodriguez, senior global product manager for Kensington explained to me, shifting Kensington's thinking from a technology-driven approach to an experience-driven one wasn't easy."    (Continued via BusinessWeek)    [Usability Resources]

Kensington Ci Lifestyle - Usability, User Interface Design

Kensington Ci Lifestyle


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