Monday, June 11, 2007

Looks Good Works Well: Death to Paging! - Rico LiveGrid Released

A new interface design for paging ...

"Ok, How About a Revolution?Aren't you tired of getting a chunk of search results from Google, Yahoo, A9, product listings, real estate pages, etc.? And then having to scroll to the bottom and hit the "next page?". In the words of Andy Rooney, "I know am!" What I normally do is search, scroll through results to the bottom of the page, scroll back up to double-check, then I have to scroll back down to navigate to the next page. Seems like a lot of bother to just move through my results.

Have you ever thought that there could be a better way -- or at least an alternative to the standard google paging control?

First a Little HistoryAt Sabre, we started experimenting with managing very large data sets with HTML tables. Our in-house table component had grown very rich in features (things like inline editing, sorting, selection, multi-sort, custom editors, row re-arrangement, grouping and other desktop-like features). But one thing we were not happy with was its handling of large sets of data.

Our table supported two styles of navigation: scrolling and paging. With scrolling you could create a natural way to interact with the data-- but if you had a lot of records just the amount of HTML that was required to download to the page made it unusable once you got over 1000 records.

We supported paging early on to address this issue. The user chooses the page by selecting a specific page number or using the next/previous paging controls."    (Continued via Looks Good Works Well)    [Usability Resources]

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