Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Redesigns for a Simple Table

More on the design of a simple table ...

"In my So the Necessary May Speak article I walked through how to simplify a basic data table by eliminating unnecessary interface elements. Since then, a number of folks have offered alternative designs. I wrote up the pros and cons of four of these options from Deva Prasad in Redesigning A Simple Table and thought it might be useful to share some of the other ideas I’ve received as well.

In my original redesign (above), a single column of bold text allows users to quickly see all the key data in the table with one downward motion. Labels for the data are in close proximity to the values. The content is scannable because there is contrast between the bold and non-bold elements.

Andrey Smagin suggests a “simplified” solution that targets repeat users of this data set (people who interact with the application one or more times per day). He relies on frequent users to know the first column in this table is current day, the second current month, and the third previous month. For infrequent users, there’s a rollover to explain the significance of each value. Outside of obvious concerns of information legibility, there may be too much visual noise in this design. Are discharges bad because they are labeled in red? Does current and previous month need a unique visual style (background vs. border)?"    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]

Simple Table - Usability, User Interface Design

Simple Table


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