Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Presenting findings about emotional responses

Design of data presentations ...

"I like to experiment with different ways to present the findings from design research so they are engaging for my clients. I would be interested to get your thoughts on my recent experiment of combining Microsoft’s Product Reaction Cards with tag clouds.

Some background

For a recent piece of research, I was asked to capture data on the participants emotional response to a proposed redesign, and how that response compared with competitor sites.

As this is slightly out of my usability comfort zone - I scratched my head a bit and fell back on my emotional response stand-by “Product Reaction Cards”. The exercise I came up with was as follows:

1. I showed the participants the homepage of a website and asked them to spend 1 minute having a look at it and considering there first impressions of the page.
2. I then gave the participants a checklist containing all of the ‘product reaction card’ words
3. I asked the participants to tick as many or as few of the words that seemed to resonate with their first impression of the page.
4. I repeated steps 1-3 with a number of other sites.
The entire exercise took around 15 minutes - obviously I had a lot of other objectives to cover as well!

The results

After completing all of the research sessions, I collated the data in Excel and looked at how many times each word had been ticked. At this stage the data seemed interesting, but completely unengaging.

I considered turning the data in simple bar graphs, but decided instead to experience with presenting the data as tag clouds. Also I find presenting qualitative data in the form of quantitative data can make me feel a bit uncomfortable.

The result was a number of charts like the following:"    (Continued via Simpler is better)    [Usability Resources]

Data Cloud - Usability, User Interface Design

Data Cloud


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