Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Defining experience design ...

"Adam Greenfield recently penned an insightful writeup on thoughts around experience design, customer service, and the notion of control. If any of these topics are of interest—I would recommend reading the whole thing. As for this post—I'm going to reference some of my visuals as I think they may compliment some of Adam's thoughts (in quotes). Enjoy the mash up and be sure to read Adam's entire post for the full context.

"When you consider that such interweavings are becoming increasingly common in our day-to-day lives - you can grant an older cellphone entirely features by blowing updated firmware into it, while certain models of Lexus automobiles now come with a subscription to real-time traffic information - the time would appear to be ripe for a new kind of designer to take center stage.

What might we call such a person? Here’s a hint: it’s neither a “graphic” nor a “Web” nor even an “interaction” designer."

"As far back as 2001, no less authoritative a body than AIGA (”the professional association for design”) had lent its imprimatur to the fledgling field, with an AIGA conference defining experience design as being concerned with a product’s “entire lifecycle with a customer, from before they perceive the need to when they discard it.”

"In the years since, the discourse of experience design has steadily gathered authority, offering as it does a way to wrestle and wrangle with the new complexity of the built environment and the objects we encounter in it. (In this, it parallels the emergence of actor-network theory in the academy, a line of thought that accounts for interactions between extended networks of people, ideas, technologies and artifacts. Something’s clearly in the air.)"    (Continued via Logic+Emotion)    [Usability Resources]

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