Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Walking Through Your Product Design With Stakeholders

Selling your design to stakeholders ...

"You are the lead designer—or perhaps even the sole designer on a product team. You have just completed your product design, and it’s time to walk through your design approach with the project stakeholders, including management, developers, and users. What do you need to do to prepare for your presentation?

This article provides some basic tips to help you better prepare to walk through your product designs with stakeholders.

Focusing on Users
User-centered design requires

• understanding your users—typically, through talking with them and creating personas
• designing with your users in mind—by focusing on users’ goals and developing task scenarios
• evaluating your designs—by doing usability testing with real users to see if they understand what to do when using the product you’ve designed
• As designers, we try to balance user needs with business needs. Creating personas that represent our users is one way we can focus on users and understand the impacts of our design decisions on the business.

The benefits of creating personas include

• documenting shared knowledge about the people for whom you’re developing a product
• informing design based on user needs and wants
• reducing debates within product teams, because the persona’s needs and goals direct design, not the opinions of members of the design team
• keeping the product team focused on the target personas"    (Continued via UXmatters)    [Usability Resources]


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