Monday, July 16, 2007

Apple’s Input Device Alternatives

Apple's patents for new input devices ...

"I’ve long believed that our most widely used digital input devices –the two button mouse, phone keypad, QWERTY keyboard, etc.- significantly limit the Interaction Design potential of digital products and services. Apple’s recent patent filings seem to indicate the company has a similar belief. Here’s an overview of some ways Apple Inc. is opening up new interaction possibilities by rethinking standard input devices:

Multi-sided touch screen interface –January 2007
“Apple's proposed design calls for the use of separate device surfaces for input and output. It displays its output on a small front-side display screen but receives input through a larger touch- and force-sensitive back-side interface. In one embodiment of the invention, Apple said it could incorporate the functionality of click-wheel on the device's force-sensitive touch-surface via an etched or raised outline. When the user activates the rear-side click-wheel, a navigation menu and click-wheel will be shown on the front side."    (Continued via Functioning Form)    [Usability Resources]

Apple Input Patent - Usability, User Interface Design

Apple Input Patent


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