Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Introducing the myPhone

The myPhone - next generation iPhone with keyboard ...

"Every time I pick up an iPhone, I am delighted and disappointed in the same breath. Apple has completely nailed the UI, and the industrial design of a new breed of "smart phone". The iPhone is so intuitive—so pleasurable, it's addictive. But I can't get over the fact that a design like this can't support a tactile, usable keyboard. So—I've mocked up something in the hopes that one day—someone will figure out how to combine the amazing experience Apple has delivered, with a totally usable keyboard that doesn't take up 3/4 of your screen when using it in the horizontal format.

Enter the "myPhone". Imagine taking the best slider design out there, like Nokia's N95, then adding a responsive trackball similar to the Blackberry Pearl. Yes, you would add some thickness to the iPhone design. This may turn off some Apple die hards who place a premium on the simplicity and elegance of Apple's designs. But I have to believe that someone out there—someone can provide a UI experience similar to what Apple has achieved without sacrificing the ability to enjoy tapping out lots of copy on a responsive QWERTY. And what about copy and paste? Currently the iPhone doesn't support this.

I may be dreaming, but a design like this could really enhance the mobile Web experience. More input. More interaction. All of the touch screen magic would still be there. All of the accents such as the chrome. The trackball could allow for one hand operation—I know this because I do it on my Sideckick all the time. Actually, if I had something like this in my hands, I might use both my thumbs and index fingers at the same time."    (Continued via Logic+Emotion)    [Usability Resources]

The myPhone - Usability, User Interface Design

The myPhone


Anonymous Scott Ryan said...

great post on iphone.
as always a thing or a two to learn about usability and design

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