Monday, July 30, 2007

Web's Wonders Still Elude Many Users

Usability still an issue with many web-based applications ...

"A study that indicates that lack of awareness and poor usability are the key barriers to a user's adoption of Internet services from ISPs may provide some relevance to IT managers.

The survey was commissioned by Montreal-based Radialpoint, a provider of managed Internet services to ISPs, and found that nearly half of polled Internet users were unaware of the online security services provided by their ISP. Additionally, almost 70 percent did not know if their ISP provided music or gaming services, and about one third did not know if their ISP provided any services beside Internet access and e-mail.

Scott Plewes, founding partner of usability consulting firm Maskery, said the results of the study are unsurprising. He said that IT managers who create Web-based systems or applications often hear similar feedback from their customers.

"There are usability issues across the board, whether it's with PDAs, Web applications, or other high-tech services," Plewes said. "We see issues with Web applications all the time, partly because it is still a fairly new field from the user interface point-of-view."

Plewes said that while Web applications are becoming more standardized with clear rules on how they are supposed to behave, there are still a lot of aspects where "people are making it up as they go along."

Plewes also stressed the need for IT managers to hire the right personnel when trying to develop user-friendly applications.

"Engineers are great at engineering and developers are great at developing because that is what they're trained to do," Plewes said. "But, if you want a good user-interface, you need somebody that's trained in it."    (Continued via PC World)    [Usability Resources]


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