Friday, August 10, 2007

Five new experience design-related interviews by Adaptive Path

Experience design interviews ...

"The American experience design consultancy Adaptive Path has posted five interviews on its website that are worth checking out. All interviewees are speakers at Adaptive Path’s upcoming UX Week, a four-day conference introduces user experience practitioners to new rich internet application design approaches, practical prototyping techniques, effective cross-organization communications strategies and more.

Note that for some reason the accompanying photos on the Adaptive Path website portray the interviewers, not the interviewees - an error I tried to correct here (although I couldn’t find a photo of Barbara Ballard).

Liz Sanders What’s new in participatory design with Liz Sanders
Discussing ClearRX with Deborah Adler
Ziba’s Bill DeRouchey on interaction design in the field
Karon Weber and Bill Scott talking about Yahoo! Teachers
Barbara Ballard on the mobile space"    (Continued via Putting people first, Adaptive Path)    [Usability Resources]

Designing the Mobile User Experience

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