Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Home Page Design

Looking at the front door value of your homepage ...

"It is time to review a company home page design. There are a number of stakeholders involved in home page design, and each of them wants a piece of the home page real estate. Are there questions you can ask before approaching home page design that can move it beyond the influence of specific stakeholders in the company toward a common vision? Are there tips to consider when designing a home page? This is article will help you better understand how to approach home page design.

The Front Door Value

What is the value of the front door of a business? For some businesses, it’s their face to the world. Looking at the front door shown in Figure 1:

* What is your impression when you see this?
* What type of business do you think this is?
* What do you think you can do when you go through the gates?
* What type of business is this?
* Is there any content missing from this signage?
* What impression do you get when you look at the logo?

The Most Important Page—Or Is It?

Often, both customers and the business itself see the home page as one of the most important pages on the Web site. It’s a place to present key information about products, services, and special offers; contact information; and calls to action—giving customers direct access to what they need quickly. So customers can serve themselves through the home page."    (Continued via UXmatters)    [Usability Resources]

Front Door Luna Park - Usability, User Interface Design

Front Door Luna Park


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