Thursday, August 23, 2007

The LEMtool: Integrating Emotion into the Design Process

Users evaluating their experiences ...

"Following its launch at the CHI Nederland conference in June, Monito Design and Internet, a Dutch usability specialist, is making its Layered Emotional Measurement tool, LEMtool, more widely available.

The LEMtool is based on the idea that since Web 2.0 has shifted the focus from information to experience, companies should also start looking into measuring the emotional impact of Web 2.0 experiences. The LEMtool, which was developed for use on a company's website, product or environment, will enable organisations to gain greater insight into the emotional experience of users, and incoporate the results into the design process.

According to Monito, the emotional experience is now the most important dimension of most user /computer interaction. In the past, designers focused on form and function. Later on, user experiences became an important focal point in creating user centered and usable products. Emotion now occupies that central focus. Not only is it important to provide users with great usability but it is important to create pleasurable and meaningful experiences while using a website, product or brand. By focusing only on usability it is harder to make the emotional connection which contributes to longer-lasting relationships with customers.

The LEMtool is web-based to allow users to evaluate their experiences with a website in their own setting."    (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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