Monday, August 27, 2007

Mobile Users Turned-Off by Advanced Features

Backlash against featureitis ...

"Mobile phone users aren't showing interest in advanced features such as accessing the internet or downloading and watching TV on their handset, according to new findings from Continental Research, which has been tracking the mobile market for the past 15 years. Data from their new report - which is to be released next month - show that the percentage of mobile users using advanced features has decreased in eight out of 11 activities tracked within the past 12 months.

Only the percentage of people sending photo messages and downloading games has increased.

Report author James Myring said: "For some time now mobile networks have aggressively promoted various advanced mobile services but this approach seems to be falling on deaf ears. The numbers performing these activities remains relatively low and consequently the Average Revenue Per User remains stubbornly static.

"Whilst technical issues are part of the explanation, much of the problem is that many mobile users are simply not interested. Mobile networks trying to push these advanced features in many cases are simply knocking against a locked door.

"We asked mobile users whether they agreed or disagreed with a number of statements about mobile phones. A large majority (68%) of mobile users agreed with the statement I would prefer a more basic mobile phone that was simple to use and affordable."    (Continued via Cellular News)    [Usability Resources]

12 Month Mobile Phone Activity - Usability, User Interface Design

12 Month Mobile Phone Activity


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