Thursday, August 30, 2007

Q&A: Jeanette Angell on Penguin's user-centred redesign

Redesigning the Penguin Group site for users ...

"Publishing brands Penguin and Dorling Kindersley, both part of the Penguin Group, recently completed a project to relaunch their websites and improve interaction and navigation for users.

The revamp was pretty far reaching - the team took a user-centred approach, with extensive usability testing and planning, and found new ways to think about marketing books via the site.

The group is also set to launch new sites to increase its engagement with customers - one is a youth-oriented site called, which is employing teenagers in its development.

Here, Penguin and DK's online development manager Jeanette Angell speaks about the reasons behind the project and the techniques it used.

Can you run through the main aims of the relaunch?

The aims of relaunching and were to improve the processes of finding, choosing and buying a book and to bring to the fore the inspirational content that we produce about our books. Additionally, we wanted to encourage more interaction between us and our readers.

The sites hadn’t had a significant redesign for a number of years, growing organically over that time.

Previously, our focus was on new publications but we wanted to make our long tail more visible. Our navigation and content, due to the organic growth, had become in need of some rationalisation.

Internally, we also wanted to establish an efficient system that could make our full catalogue easily accessible, demanding fewer resources, and enabling us to focus our time on creating inspirational tools and content for our readers.

At heart, our overall strategy was to focus on our readers’ needs and for them to be able to establish a relationship with us; our books, our authors and ultimately each other.

This required a shift in our thinking from being a company focused on ‘broadcast’ to one fully engaging with our readers."    (Continued via E-consultancy)    [Usability Resources]

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