Monday, August 13, 2007

Readers ‘prefer online to print’ for ease of use

Online newspapers for ease of use ...

"Newspaper and magazine websites are easier to access, faster for locating desired content, and are more convenient than their print equivalent, according to recent AOP research.

AOP’s Dual Consumption Survey, looking at usage and attitudes across AOP member websites and their offline equivalents, found that 60 per cent of newspaper readers consider online easier to access than print.

For magazine readers, the preference was less marked, though 48 per cent of respondents still favoured the publications’ websites for ease of access.

A dominant theme of the research was that audiences trust the content brand over and above the medium by which it is delivered.

Three-fifths of respondents did not want to choose between the two, with the website and print equivalent fulfilling different and distinct consumption needs.

The AOP Dual Consumption Survey was conducted across 37 AOP member sites, collected responses from a total of 26,926 respondents (16yrs+, UK only) and concluded that 72 per cent of newspaper respondents and 66 per cent of magazine respondents consider the website and its offline equivalent to be equally reliable.

Both newspaper (81 per cent) and magazine (74 per cent) respondents considered both platforms to be equally trustworthy."    (Continued via Netimperative)    [Usability Resources]


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